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  Student & Parent Guidlines
A student must have minimum 75% of attendance for promotion to the next higher class alongwith other required academic achievements. Continual absence for 20 days will cause the student’s name struck off the rolls without proper sanction of leave in advance by the principal is very genuine case. A re-admission fee of Rs 500/- will charged. In case of sickness, medical certificate is a must but not the prescription of the Doctor. A student shall have to pay a fine of Rs5/- per day in case of absence.
A day scholar intending to take notice one week in advance and clear all dues to get T.C.
Before Terminal /Summative Test all previous dues must be clear to appear the test and get Admit Card. There will not be relaxation in any case.

Fees will be directly paid in the office by guardians/parents. No any staff is authorized to receive it directly from any parent.

Students are not allowed to bring any valuable items to the school such as expensive wrist watches, gold chain, gold rings, electronic equipments like mobile, camera, sim of mobile etc. If found, such items will seied and will not be returned at all. Moreover Rs 500/- as a fine will be charged as breaking the rule of the School.
No parents should sent their ailing words to the school as it is hazardous to other student’s health also. It causes great problem to school in case of sudden abnormalcy.
Breach of the School discipline and damage to school property will result in suspension or expulsion immediately by principal. The decision of the principal will be final in this regard.
Damage to the property of the school by any student will lead to suitable fine which will not be excused at all.
The date of birth of a student as recorded in admission register cannot be changed at all. In this regard affidavit has no value as per CBSE rules.
Parents are requested not to encourage children to remain at home to study on school days.
Please hand over tiffin to your ward at home in the morning only. No staff of the school will be used to serve tiffin to your ward in the school.
Parents will not allowed to meet with their wards in the school except in emergency case.
Complaints of the parents will be entertained by the principal meeting in person only but not over phone. In case of complaints parents are requested to come with proof.
Parents are expected to have positive attitude in case of gross indiscipline of their wards in the school and help the school authority to bring them on the right track rather to involve in hot discussion with the school administration.
Re-examination of the students can be arranged only in annual Examination in genuine medical case but not before that.
Please do not sent your wards late to the school otherwise they will not allowed to enter.
Once the bus survice is available by a dayscholar at beginning of the session, he/she has to pay the transport fee till the end of session.
House wise P.T. uniform has been enforced from this session. On P.T. days students have to put on House T-shirt and White Pant (Nur to Class XIII Boys)/ House T-Shirt and white Skirt (Nur to Class V Girls)/ House kamee with White Dupatta and White Salwar(Class VI to XII Girls).
Students are not permitted to leave in the middle of school-hours with their parents except in an emergency. Due to security measures, no representative will be allowed to take the stuents.
Lab apron is compulsory for the students from class IX to XII. They must wear the same in practical classes.
Tuition fee of every month has to paid before the 15th of the same month. After the 155th Rs 5/- per day will be charged as late fine.
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